Raptor Sports Cars - Driving at it's purest

Like many car companies, Raptor Sports Cars has been born from the drive and vision of its owner – Andy Entwistle. The vision to develop lightweight sports cars with the purity of ride, handling and performance. To develop sports cars with a very strong but lightweight chassis while utilising components and designs from the cutting edge of the motorsport industry, such as F1 style pushrod suspension. With his engineering expertise and desire to help others former hydro-electric power engineer Andy created his very own car manufacturer, based in Scotland.

With its proud engineering heritage, Scotland has only one car manufacturer – Raptor Sports Cars. Scotland also possess some of the world’s finest roads in which to experience the very best of the automotive freedom a Raptor provides.

With their passion Andy and his team know exactly how to deliver maximum performance from the combustion engine. Based on years of experience building race car engines, there was a desire both from Andrew and his customers to build the entire car.

With the factory based in a Second World War airforce base canteen, customer care is also a key focus with close attention paid to looking after owners with servicing and upgrades. As a Raptor Sports Car owner you are part of the Raptor owners community, an opportunity to share your experiences with others.

Never standing still for a moment, further models are in development such as the V8 Thunderbolt is a grand tourer, with two doors, full screen and boot for your luggage. The power plants are both V8’s based on a choice of 330bhp or 500bhp which are mated to a 5 and 6 speed boxes. The Thunderbolt will soon be entering full production.

So, don’t wait until electric cars are driving us around! Make the most of driving purity and exhilaration of a race car built for the road. Come along to meet Andy and the team and see how our cars can be handmade to your specification. We can also arrange a test drive in one of our Raptors for you. Why not make your childhood dream come true today!


  • 2019

    Production Starts on the New V8 Thunderbolt.

  • 2018

    Chassis design and manufacture of the Raptor now done in house, with a total redesign of the Raptor RR chassis.

  • 2017

    Development of Raptor RR235 producing over 400bhp/ton, using the new ultra lightweight Ford ST180 Eco boost engine with our own in-house tuning.

  • 2016

    Creation of Ultra High Performance (Rev 1) Raptor chassis to be used in all cars over 400bhp/ton.

    Started our relationship with American Dealer Christopher John in Florida.

  • 2015

    York based racing driver wins British Army Rally Championship with our engines.

  • 2013

    Our engines took Russ Simpson to his first British Rally Cross Championship win.

    Customers started asking for a car to fit our engines to. A complete package including servicing and upgrades… Raptor Sports Cars launched with our first model the Raptor – pure driving experience we focused on improving the engineering to gain the most from the ride, handling and performance.

    The first Raptor car sold with a Hayabusa engine.

  • 2010

    Our first attempt at tuning Fords 2.0 16v Zetec unit, gaining over 70bhp which is a 50% increase over standard power figures. This cemented our position as professional engine tuners.