The path to Raptor Sports Cars was long and diverse. In 2001 we started a business building high performance bespoke engines. We very quickly gained an excellent reputation and soon found ourselves building engines for customers as far afield as Taiwan and Uruguay. In 2013 one our engines took York based racing driver Russ Simpson to his first British Rally Cross Championship win. In 2015 Dom Booth repeated this with his first ever British Army Rally Championship win.

As our business progressed with numerous motorsport achievements we gained the attention of the kitcar owners who were looking to upgrade to high performance engines. In 2010 at our first attempt at tuning Fords 2.0 16v Zetec unit, we gained over 70bhp which is a 50% increase over standard power figures. Our Westfield owner was absolutely delighted with the results! This cemented our position as professional engine tuners in the kitcar fraternity.

In 2013 our customers were asking us to provide a car to fit our engines into to. They wanted the complete package from our factory where we could also provide them with in-house servicing and upgrades if they required them. We took our first order for Hayabusa powered car in late 2013. We wanted to keep the basic look of the ‘Seven’ style however under it’s skin the remit was simple - build a very strong but lightweight chassis while utilising components and designs from the cutting edge of the motorsport industry. So new was the project that the first car was conceived without any consideration of a brand name. That was only done once the design and assembly of the car was completed. The name Raptor was chosen as we felt the car offered outstanding performance, was modern, sleek and packed full of modern automotive technology – just like the F22 Raptor Fighter Jet.

We were determined that the Raptor was to be a real sports car with the focus on basic engineering fundamentals that enhanced our car’s handling/ride and engine performance. In 2013 Raptor Sports Cars put down it’s first roots and started a new chapter in Scottish Automotive history.

The Raptor RR was never marketed as a budget brand and to be honest we felt that there was far too much technology in the car to under-value it in this manner. Pull back the outer layers of the bodywork and what you see is a car that would not look out of place in the pit lane on a race day!

In 2016 we took the decision to fit the new utra light weight Ford ST180 engine with some trick in-house engine tuning. Our Raptor RR235 produced in excess of 400bhp/ton. We offered our customers an upgraded chassis to cope with this level of performance as no doubt these cars would be used on track with sticky tyres. The heavily revised chassis became UHP-1 (ultra high performance Rev1). In 2017 we went back to the drawing board again as we introduced the Raptor project to the race chassis fabrication engineer. After many months of deliberation of how to improve the existing Raptor (which to be honest was hard) we come up with an all new design with the added bonus that it was built and designed in Edinburgh to our exact specification. The first chassis was completed in December 2017 in a record time of 6 months from design to manufacture.

We are hugely proud of being Scotland’s only car manufacturer especially as in years gone by Scotland was an epi-centre for Engineering from Shipbuilding to Car manufacturing at Linwood and the grand scale of civil engineering on numerous Hydro Electric Power Stations in the West of Scotland., it nice to show the world that Scotland still has the engineering expertise to build cars. We have built up a very special relationship with our American Dealer Christopher John in Florida. He has an luxury themed Scottish product that I am sure will be a great success on his shores.

What does 2018 hold? We have upgraded our workshop facility and have extended our accommodation so we can facilitate an assembly line. We are always looking for outlets for dealers for the Raptor in the UK and Worldwide with our goal to expand and put another Luxury Scottish product into being.

Our new model is the V8 Thunderbolt and we are well into production. The Thunderbolt is an AC cobra replica again working on the same design principles of the classic retro but packed with our Raptor RR design features. The Thunderbolt is our grand tourer. It has two doors, a full screen, a boot for luggage or your golf clubs! The power plants are both V8’s based on a choice of 330bhp or 500bhp which are mated to a 5 and 6 speed boxes.