Raptor RR 330


330 hp


161 mph

Top speed

2.9 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

545 kg


605 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Ford 1.6l Ecoboost with Hybrid Turbo

6 speed gearbox with LSD

Traction Control

Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash

Half cage

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This is our brand new model for 2018! We have taken the stunning RR235 and simply poured in our 20 years’ worth of experience in building championship winning engines into our latest creation. “No Compromise” is our moto and we certainly have stuck to our intention. The 2018 RR330 gives you a hybrid turbo with some very clever in house tuning. It boasts an electronic traction control system in order to harness the thumping 330bhp. In addition to the engine upgrades the braking system gets a firmer pad material as well as grooved and drill discs all round. The front and rear suspension gets a fully adjustable anti roll bar system and finally a set of super sticky Avon tyres complement the suspension modifications. The RR330 also gives you a 6 speed box and a limited slip diff. 2018 brought an entirely new chassis with the focus on improving the balance, shear mechanical grip as well as driver feedback on the limit, trying to bring the driver and machine together as one. Throughout the design weight reduction and strength was our main focus however the chassis had to work and complement the suspension and steering system. How much performance do you really get you may ask? Well the numbers speak for themselves - 330bhp in 545kg equates to 605bhp/ton! A Bugatti Veyron is 595bhp/ton!