Raptor RR 235


235 hp


152 mph

Top speed

3.8 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

535 kg


440 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Ford 1.6l Ecoboost Turbo

5 speed gearbox with LSD

Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash

Half cage

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The RR235 is a new addition to our product range from 2018. It was very important to us that we produced a performance sports car that was kind to our environment whilst still proving that we don’t need to drive characterless boring cars. It had to be very light with low emissions but with high power and good fuel efficiency. The Ford ST180 Eco-Boost engine gives us everything and more and it falls into our ethos of utilising modern automotive technology into our Raptors. The standard Ford ECU is removed and replaced with an in-house, tuned and fully mappable ECU. The results were incredible. Over 235bhp and in excess of 270lbft of torque. It is turbo charged however the power curve is linear from 1500rpm. You would think you were driving a V8! The engine is so flexible with no lag whatsoever. A full set of 23 point adjustment race dampers and Billet alloy front hubs gives lightness as well as strength to the RR235. The alloy 4 pot calipers offer phenomenal stopping power and give a very reassuring pedal feel. A full windscreen kit and weather gear are included which is ideal for those driving trips. The RR235 also comes with the Lux Interior pack. This gives you a mock leather diamond quilted interior, storage compartments and a phone charger. 2018 brought an entirely new chassis with the focus on improving the balance, shear mechanical grip as well as driver feedback on the limit, trying to bring the driver and machine as one . Throughout the design weight reduction and strength was our main focus, however the chassis had to work and complement the suspension and steering system. The RR235 final weight is 535kg and this equates to 440bhp/ton. To get this level of performance you would need to have a Ferrari F40 tucked away in your garage!