Raptor RR 210


210 hp


140 mph

Top speed

3.4 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

455 kg


461 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Kawasaki ZZR 1441cc

6 speed gearbox with LSD


Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash with shift light

Half cage

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The RR210 gets Kawasaki's awesome ZZR1441cc power unit, With minor in-house tuning we extract 210bhp from this beast. The ZZR14 offers fabulous torque spread from 1500rpm making it so easy to drive. Above 6500rpm the induction noise hardens to a deep howl and it offers stunning linear thrust to the rev limiter (11250rpm). As with the RR180 the ZZR also comes with a slipper clutch as standard. Again we use the existing bike dash system so you have the same level of feedback, Fuel Computer, Shift Light, Gear Indicator as the RR180. We add a billet sump with crankshaft windage tray to ensure the engine does not suffer from oil starvation. A set of uprated clutch springs and electric water pump complete the full installation. The braking system gets a firmer pad material as well as grooved and drill discs all round. The front and rear suspension get a fully adjustable anti roll bar system and finally a set of super sticky Avon tyres complement the suspension modifications. 2018 brought an entirely new chassis with the focus on improving the balance, shear mechanical grip as well as driver feedback on the limit, trying to bring the driver and machine as one. Throughout the design the weight reduction and strength was our main focus however the chassis had to work and complement the suspension and steering system. How much performance do you really get you may ask. Well the numbers really do speak for themselves - 210bhp in 455kg equates to over 460 bhp/ton! That’s on par with a Ferrari Enzo.