Raptor RR 180


180 hp


136 mph

Top speed

3.6 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

430 kg


418 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Yamaha R1 "Big Bang" 998cc

6 speed gearbox


Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash with shift light

Half cage

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The RR180 may be the entry level to bike engined car ownership however it is stacked full of technology. The heart and soul of this car is it’s powerplant. You will be hard pushed to find a lighter or more reliable sub 1000cc engine on the planet. RR180 uses Yamaha’s R1 big bang engine with an RSC tuned induction and exhaust system and revised fuel mapping. The net result is an engine producing over 180bhp @ 12500rpm. There is also a very clever variable length induction tract which increases low down torque and gives sharper throttle response. To suit road condition and your mood the engine also offers 3 separate engine maps that are selected via push button on the dash (wet, road and race map). The dash system also gives a wealth of feedback. With a built in Gear Indicator and programmable Shift Light. The on board trip computer gives mpg as well as miles left in the fuel tank. Gear shifts are done via a simple flick of the billet alloy paddle shift kit which is mounted directly behind the sports steering wheel. Gear changes appear to be almost seamless. First gear at 14000rpm just keeps you just within the national speed limit (70mph). That level of performance puts you into Supercar territory.
A full set of 23 point adjustment race dampers and Billet alloy front hubs gives lightness as well as strength to the RR180. The alloy 4 pot calipers offer phenomenal stopping power and an instant bite. A double bubble aero screen really does offer a great deal of protection from the elements as well as keeping aero drag low. 2018 brought an entirely new chassis with the focus on improving the balance, shear mechanical grip as well as driver feedback on the limit, trying to bring the driver and machine as one. Throughout the design the weight reduction and strength was our main focus, however the chassis had to work and complement the suspension and steering system. How much performance do you really get you may ask? Well the numbers really do speak for themselves. 180bhp in 430kg equates to over 400 bhp/ton! That’s on par with a Ferrari 458.