Raptor RR 165


165 hp


132 mph

Top speed

4.9 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

575 kg


286 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Ford 2l Zetec 16v

5 speed gearbox

Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash

Rear Hoop

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The 2.0 16v Ford Zetec Powered RR165 is a fabulous starting point for anyone who wishes to invest in a Raptor Marque. If it’s about absorbing some of our stunning Scottish scenery in an open top sports car then you would be hard pressed to find a more comfortable or spacious car in which to undertake such an exciting road adventure. A full windscreen kit and weather gear are included which is ideal for those weekends away. 2018 brings an entirely new chassis with the main focus on improving the car’s balance, grip and driver feedback, bringing driver and machine together as one. Throughout the design weight reduction and strength were our main focus however the chassis had to work and complement the suspension and steering system in the new 2018 spec Raptor . What kind of performance does the RR165 have you may ask? Even though it is our base model it is still a formidable driving machine! The RR165 tips the scales at 575kg, with over 285bhp/ton it still packs a punch and gives you performance equivalent to the Supercharged V8 XK Jaguar!.