Raptor RR (car Engine)

Available models | RR165 | RR200 | RR235 | RR330 | RR Bespoke

With a lightweight race proven chassis and F1 style push rods suspension, you get super sensory input direct to your fingertips; the Raptor RR gives you the feedback of any purebred performance motor car. The tested chassis design gives you enormous levels of grip, traction and agility, and combined with the push rod suspension system, positive responsive steering and sports braking system, the experience can only be described, as out of this world... it is only then that you realise that you are driving an ultimate driving machine! Race specification coil over shock absorbers ensure that you have full control over the ride height and stance of your car, as well as providing you with gas suspension ride comfort.

Whether you are out for a leisurely cruise or competing in the high levels of motorsport, the Raptor RR will always perform beyond your expectations! The chassis offers one of the largest cabins in its class, with drivers up to 6'5" being comfortably accommodated. Furthermore, there is a factory option of extending the foot wells for owners up to 6'8".



The basic recipe is a lightweight chassis with a well serviced, properly tuned and mapped engine. The power-to-weight ratio is a formula that is used to gauge a car’s general performance and this is expressed as ‘bhp per tonne’.


The current 'HOT' hatches are as follows:

2015 Seat Leon ST Cupra - 191bhp/ton
2011 Ford Focus ST - 183bhp/ton
2006 Impreza WRX STi - 184bhp/ton
2017 Honda Civic Type R - 221bhp/ton
2015 BMW M135i - 216bhp/ton


Then we have the 'Dream Cars':

2012 Skyline GTR R35 - 313bhp/ton
2015 Audi R8 5.2 V10 - 368bhp/ton
2009 Ferrari 458 - 378bhp/ton
2011 Mclaren MP4 - 412bhp/ton
2011 Lamborghini LP700 Aventador - 438bhp/ton
2005 Bugatti Veyron - 532bhp/ton

Other examples can be found here: http://www.autosnout.com/Cars-Bhp-Per-Ton-List.php

So how do our Car Engine Raptors compare to the above.

Our Base model ,the Raptor RR165, A mildly tuned 2.0 16v Ford Focus engine with 165bhp= 286 bhp /Ton. As you can see that over 60bhp/ton more than the latest breed of hot-hatches

The list continues

RR200 = 347 bhp/ton (Now were are into ‘Supercar territory)
RR 235 = 440 bhp/ ton: Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost
RR 330 = 605 bhp /ton: Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost
CS 350 = 700 bhp/ ton: Ford 1.6 16v Eco Boost


Unfortunately the stock levels of the 2.0 16v Zetec engines is very limited and therefore we are well into the development of the all alloy 1600cc 16v ECO Boost engine (out of the Fiesta ST180) These units are extremely compact and well as being extreme light, some 50kg lighter than the 2.0 16v Zetec units. These engines offer an unbelievable level of performance and economy due to the high pressure fuel injection system. The other significant advance is they are extremely cheap to tune and as these engine are fitted into numerous Ford Models thus there is no shortage of stock, should you want to do a Raptor DIY build.

Raptor RR Bespoke Option

Gives you the option of fitting your desired power planted into our technically advanced Raptor chassis. Phone for further details

Raptor CS Bespoke Option

Gives you the option of fitting your existing plant from your race car into our technically advanced Raptor chassis . Phone for further details