2018 Square Chassis
2018 Square Race chassis
Rear Hoop 
Half Cage
Full cage with side impact bars
Push Rod suspension
23 point Race damper kit
Front Billet Alloy Hub kit
Rear Cast Hubs
Rear alloy Hub kit
3.92 Diff
3.62 Diff 
3.62 ATB LSD Rear Diff
Quick Rack
4 Pot Caliper Kit
Front solid discs + fast Road pads 
Front Grooved discs + Track spec pads 
Front Grooved discs + Race spec pads 
Floor Mounted Pedal
Top Mounted Pedal Box
Adjustible Brake Bias
Rear calipers
Rear brake Disc kit 
Rear Sports discs kit
Braided Hoses
Digi Dash (speedo/rev/fuel/shift light)
TFT Dash System 
12v Socket + Phone charger  system
Net pockets
Digital Oil pressure / Turbo boost 
Push button Engine Start
Oil Pressure gauge
GRP Sports Seats
Raptor Race Seats
Raptor Race seat (one only)
Adjustable drivers seat
11 piece GRP set
4 piece Aero Kit 
Full windscreen
Weather gear kit
Carbon look dash panel
Black/ Alloy interior paneling 
Lux interior Kit 
32 litre Fuel tank
15 Litre race tank 
165bhp engine Kit 
200bhp Engine kit
180bhp R1 Engine kit
210bhp ZX14 Engine kit
235bhp Eco boost engine kit
330bhp Eco boost engine kit
230bhp ZXx14 Engine kit
350bhp Eco boost engine kit
Front Mount intercooler
Maxi Flow Front mount intercooler
Exhaust system with CAT
Sports exhaust system 
Race Exhaust system 
Hydraulic clutch assembly 
5 Speed gearbox
6 Speed gearbox
Paddle Clutch
Fast Road Clutch
Ultra light Race flywheel
Lighten flywheel (Road spec)
Baffled sump kit 
Billet Alloy sump kit
Accusump System
Electric Reverse Kit
Alloy Comp Rad
Electric water pump kit  + controller
Quick shifter kit 
Front + Rear Anti Roll Bar Kit
Sport Steering wheel
Steering Wheel + Release Boss
Traction Control
Eco & Sports Engine maps
Rose jointed wishbones
IVA Test
Car Registrated + Full Tank of Fuel
Raptor Decal Kit