Raptor CS 230


230 hp


136 mph

Top speed

3.5 sec

Acceleration from 0-60 mph

405 kg


567 hp/tonne

Power/weight ratio

Kawasaki ZZR 1441cc

6 speed gearbox with LSD


Pushrod suspension

Digital Dash with shift light

Full race spec cage with sidebars

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The remit when we were designing the ‘Club Sport‘ CS was simple. It had to be light, powerful and it had be track ready. The CS benefits from our new 2018 spec chassis design, however in order to improve torsional stiffness the chassis is fabricated in higher tensile grade steel from the RR. The front and rear suspension cradles have been re-designed and strengthened to cope with the toughest tracks in the world and you have the confidence to know that not that only have you a full roll cage with side bars, the roll cage is actually fabricated into chassis core so in effect it gives you a rear and front impact safety cell. The steering system has also been revised to give a more positive steering feel with options on ratio racks for all events. Keeping with the superb front inboard push rod suspension system, the Poly sport wishbones bushes have been replaced with Heavy duty rose joints in order to allow a fully adjustable suspension system and to maintain the correct suspension geometry during hard corner and braking. As light as CS is, we have still added a fully adjustable front and rear anti roll bar kit. Super sticky Avon’s circuit tyres let you expose the limits of the chassis safely
CS Heart is that engine and what an engine it is! 230bhp that will rev in excess of 11000rpm. With two British Rallycross championship winning engines under our belt, we know how to build reliable high output engines. The cylinder head is fully gasflowed and then we add an electric water pump to reduce further drag from the crankshaft. CS230 gives you a 6 speed close ratio gearbox, with Billet Alloy paddle located directly behind the steering wheel. The quick shift kit allows gear changes in a blink of an eye! At the rear the Torsion LSD diff gives you control in all conditions. . The same attention to detail has gone into the braking system, 4 pot alloy Calipers on the front with 2 pot alloy Calipers on the rear. Grooved and drilled discs and a set race spec pads give you the brakes feel you need. Being the CS, it’s not road legal and therefore we fit a basic lighting kit (indicators, brake lights and a fog light), a single light-weight race seat, race harnesses, a 15 litre lightweight fuel tank keep the final weight of the car down to a minimum to boost those power to weight ratio figures. The CS comes with comprehensive aero pack, not only does allow the CS to cut through the air cleaner is also you a significant amount of down force. The CS230 is remarkable, it a hard core RR210! At 567 bhp /ton you be hard to find a quicker bike engine 7 on the market !